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Brain Builder 3.0

Not a method to compensate for mental inefficiency but a tool for strengthening core mental capacities. Brain Builder uses methods tested and proven effective over a 30-year period on 20,000 children and adults. With just 10 minutes playtime per day you can build your brain's neural network to boost your ability to absorb and process information. See the difference in school, the office, social settings, and throughout your life. Fast, simple, easy-to-use software helps you get powerful results in as little as 10 minutes per day. With Brain Builder, you play up to 7 different 2-3 minute activities every day. Brain Builder automatically sets and adjusts the level of difficulty to help you succeed and challenge you to improve while providing feedback every step of the way. Brain Builder's 7 neurodevelopmental exercises are tuned to the precise frequency, intensity, and duration that best stimulates higher brain function, opens the mind, and trains it to learn more effectively. There are 3 visual activities, 3 auditory activities, and 1 intensity activity. The more you exercise your brain's fundamental processing capacities, the stronger, more efficient and more organized they become. As the pathways of your neural network proliferate and deepen, so too will your ability to absorb and process information quickly and easily.

Test And Improve Your Memory (DVD Box)

Engage, challenge, and train your memory as it is a crucial area of the brain that is important to your life. Scientifically-based memory games test your logic, language, and attention skills. Monitor your mental workout and track your progress--watch as you become more creative and confident. Three modes of play provide better training flexibility, while coaching tools give you feedback and improve your performance.

Brian Tracy's How to Become A Millionaire

Combine the expertise of Brian Tracy, internationally renowned personal achievement speaker and author, with the power of the computer to step on your path to personal fortune. This software is comprehensive, with topics covering money-making ideas, starting and succeeding in your own business, network marketing, and investment strategies.

I was extremely upset when I misplaced my "original" copy of this cd-rom and repurchased this product, because of its inherent value.

I thoroughly enjoyed this product, because there are many things to look at and search through. There is a library of "books" that you can go to and read profound concepts which are very important and useful. "Books" on confidence, persuasion, charsima, and more help you learn concepts that can be asymilated into your personality and help you on the road of life as well as business. This program is meant for anyone seeking an edge in life and yet seems to also cater to beginners of the self-improvement field.

Brian Tracy always manages to blow you away with a plethora of knowledge and wisdom that will keep you on point in your game. If you have a computer, then you owe it yourself to invest the small amount to check it out! (I paid the FULL retail price when it was first released; It was worth it then and still is!). Get your copy now to begin refining your life like a laser beam.

yGuide Yoga Software with Ashtanga Yoga & Great Poses I

Special Offer! Purchase yGuide with Ashtanga Yoga and Great Yoga Poses I content packs and save! Complement your dynamic Ashtanga practice with strength building and restorative poses in Great Yoga Poses I.

Yoga enthusiasts and beginners alike can personalize their yoga practice with detailed instructions and pictures. Software, unlike books and videos, allows you to customize your practice to suit your specific needs using one of our many pre-designed templates, selecting from our library of poses, or creating your own pose. Track your progress and expand your practice at your own pace. yGuide complements anyone's study by turning your PC into your personal yoga coach!

• Practice yoga at home & on the road • Keep your body lean and strong • Keep your mind serene and calm • Target back, neck, shoulders, hips, and more • Select time-based practice sessions • Enhance athletic activities with improved flexibility, relaxation, and breath awareness

Here’s what our customers are saying:

"I wanted to let you know I am happy with the CD rom! It improved my practice ten-fold. The journal is a wonderful tool for me to keep track of my personal progress. I am so thrilled with yGuide and thank you for improving my Yoga journey!" - D.C. in New York

"I like the help system, it's like a book with lots of information about yoga, more than just about how to use the software...It's convenient using the pre-designed templates to get started...Customization is cool!...The software is very friendly, it's clear and easy to use!" - V.S in Colorado

"I would certainly recommend using them again and have already recommended them to friends and even my yoga teacher." - S.R. in United Kingdom

ACT! 6.0 for 2004 - Contact Management Solution

Instantly recall every contact detail! ACT! organizes all your customer information in one place to give you instant access to every detail of every relationship. You’ll be able to find anyone or any detail in seconds, including names, phone numbers, addresses, notes from previous conversations, upcoming appointment details, call histories, a list of follow-up activities, and much more - for any contact you choose! ACT! even manages your sales pipeline with forecasting tools and built-in reports and allows you to safely share complete customer information with your workgroup. It even works with Outlook, handhelds – both Palm OS® and Pocket PC, and paper planners to propel your business to a whole new level.

Franklin Covey Reference Library Springboard Module

This version of Franklin's Covey Reference Library is specially designed for Handspring handhelds including the Visor, Visor Deluxe, Visor Platinum, and Prism. This module slides into your handheld's Springboard expansion slot and needs no setup or configuration. It is fully removable, so you don't use up any precious RAM.
This module is a compilation of three of leadership guru Stephen R. Covey's bestsellers--The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, First Things First, and Principle-Centered Leadership. Covey, an internationally respected leadership authority, says that true success encompasses a balance of personal and professional effectiveness. These books are a manual for performing better in both arenas. His anecdotes are as frequently from family situations as from business challenges.

This module features spell correction, which allows you to type in a word the way it sounds and receive a correction list. With the tap of a stylus, you can search for a word or bookmark noteworthy sections for easy retrieval

FranklinCovey TabletPlanner For Tablet PC 3.0

Franklin Covey Planning Software 8.0

Sync all your information and view it from virtually anywhere with Franklin Covey Planning Software 8.0. Whether you use a wireless phone, handheld, online calendar, corporate scheduling software, or Franklin Covey Planning Pages, Franklin Covey Planning Software 8.0 keeps all your information in one system and in sync. Simply enter your appointment schedule, address/phone lists, contacts, task list, notes, and more into one device, such as your handheld or wireless phone. You can then sync it to the rest of your productivity tools, like your desktop software applications, Web calendars, and more. Franklin Covey Planning Software 8.0 allows you to always have the most current information at your fingertips.
This quick process will allow you to sync your data with Microsoft Outlook 97, 98, or 2000; Lotus Notes; Lotus Organizer 4.1/5.0/6.0, 95, or 97; ACT!; Palm OS Handhelds; Pocket PC Devices; and more. Intuitive, customizable views provide a clean planning environment that puts everything at your fingertips and includes powerful new weekly task and appointment views. Switch easily between My Planner, Info Manager, and What Matters Most views and their associated applications. TrueSync technology provides users a one-click, multi-point synchronization of all the changes in information among every supported device and application simultaneously.


Franklin Covey Plan Plus Software

Franklin Covey PlanPlus for Microsoft Outlook seamlessly integrates powerful planning tools into the already familiar Outlook environment, allowing users to enhance their scheduling system with Franklin Covey's proven productivity principles. In addition to providing specific implementation tools around core Franklin Covey concepts such as Prioritized and Master Task Lists, Daily Records, Weekly Planning, Goals, and Compass, Plan Plus also features a system of built-in learning and help wizards.
Franklin Covey Plan Plus enhances Microsoft Outlook with essential planning tools like the Prioritized Daily and Master Task List, Weekly Planning, Goals, Personal Mission Statement, and more. Corporations now have the ability to reinforce company mission statements, goals, and objectives into their employees' daily planning. Users can now manage personal and professional planning in one application, with the option to print or synchronize their information to a paper-based or handheld "walk around" tool.


Productivity Booster Info Center

Everything you need to increase your productivity




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