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Project Management Templates

This Project Management Template Set includes all of the templates you need to deliver your projects.
More than 100 templates, plans and forms are included, covering the whole Project and Product Life Cycles. They will help you to start up, plan and implement your tasks quickly and easily
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Are extremely detailed
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Include charts and tables
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Align with worldwide standards
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Suit all programmes & projects
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Provide guides and & suggestions to help you
Once you have downloaded the templates you can instantly open them in Microsoft Word, Excel, Project or Power Point and complete to create your own project documents. It really is that easy. Click here to get access

Free working files - word and excel format free downloads


Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs diagram, original five levels - in word - and in color

Hierarchy of Needs seven levels diagram, adapted from Maslow's original model - in word

Hierarchy of Needs eight levels diagram, adapted from Maslow's original model - in word

J Stacey Adams Equity Theory diagram - in word - now in glorious living color

Douglas Mcgregor XY-Theory diagram - in word - and in color

The Herzberg space-rocket diagram - word - simple effective illustration of Herzberg's motivational theory - a picture tells a thousand words

Johari Window diagram and adapted illustration based on Ingham and Luft's concept - word - good for all sorts of training and learning - aid to understanding and using the simple and powerful Johari Window concept

David Kolb learning styles diagram - word - illustration of Kolb's learning styles theory

workplace posture herzberg diagram - word - explains workplace posture from herzberg theory perspective


training development and training assessment tools - excel or word format free downloads

Leslie Rae's excellent before-and-after three-stage training evalution tool - excel - good tool for all training courses and learning experiences, also for group training effectiveness evaluation

set of different training evaluation forms and tools - word - Leslie Rae's excellent set of training evaluation questionnaires - free to adapt and use

training planner tool - excel - simple, flexible tool for planning and designing training courses - good for train-the-trainer courses too - breaks down the training design process into achievable elements - helps you eat the elephant one bite at a time

training needs analysis tool - manager skill-set - in excel - a simple, flexible and powerful working spreadsheet tool for training needs analysis, jobs and skills audits, and an easy way to identify, prioritise and plan group training - use in conjunction with individual assessment tool below

manager skill-set assessment tool - excel - flexible individual assessment tool - use to provide input data for group training needs analysis tool above

coaching template for skills or capability assessment - excel - flexible coaching review template tool

template for assessing presentations - excel - good for presentations training, especially to control and encourage objective and fair group feedback

assessment tool for individuals - commercial/business/sales skill-set - excel - flexible individual assessment tool - use to assess individual training needs and priorities, and to provide input data for group training needs analysis tool below - adapt skill elements for your job roles

training needs analysis for groups - working spreadsheet - commercial/business/sales role simple, flexible and powerful working spreadsheet tool for groups and organizational training needs analysis, job and skills audits, and for identifying training needs, priorities and plans for groups - use with above personal assessment input tool - adapt and add skill elements for your job roles

sales development tools - excel or word format free downloads

sales and business strategic planning tool - excel - for prioritising activities and customers - good for sales and business workshops and meetings

sales and business development process flow diagram - word - simple effective method of sales and business development - simple off-the-shelf selling process (see also the sections on sales training and buying facilitation)

sales funnel planning tool - word - simple tool for sales planning, from targeted prospect base through sales conversion stages, to sales values and numbers required - excellent sales planning workshop aid, and sales management tool

personality tests and other indicators - excel or word format free downloads

leadership and motivation assessment tool - word - are you a truly motivational leader? - a modern leadership self-test provided by leadership writer Blair Palmer

motivation indicator simple test - excel - flexible individual motivation assessment tool, loosely based on herzberg motivators and hygiene factors - good workshop tool

personality profile and motivation test - excel - multi-facet personality test and discussion document for reviews, appraisals, and career direction dicusssions

graphology (handwriting anlysis) self-test - word - good for workshops, meetings and personality profiling awareness and training

management style test based on McGregor's XY-Theory - word - to assess individual preferred management style, and actual organizational management style

management tools - excel or word format free downloads

delegation template tool based on SMART technique - excel - simple, flexible, powerful aid for effective delegation and agreeing and following up SMART objectives

performance appraisals form - word - sophisticated modern performance appraisals form - effectively a process in its own right - including self-assessment section and the essential appraisal elements - adapt to suit your situation

other training aids and tools - word or excel format free downloads

time management questionnaire - word - for time management improvement and training - use with time log below

time management activity log template - excel - good aid for time management training

perceptions matrix - word - fascinating illustration of how different personalities see each other, based on the 'four temperaments/DISC' personality profiling theory - great for team building and communications training - includes blank worksheet and answers

short training feedback sheet - word - simple training feedback form for end of training course or programme

training certificate template - word - ready-to-use professional training certificate template - adapt to suit your training situation

training process flow-chart diagram - word - illustration of classical training process for individuals and organizations - use as an example or as a tool to develop and train your own training processes

win-win game and score-sheet based on the prisoner's dilemma puzzle - word - good for team building, workshops, training and collaborative attitudes development

Productivity Booster Info Center

Everything you need to increase your productivity




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