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Brain Teasers will keep your brain sharp
and maintain its productivity.

  So You Think You're Smart is a delightful book of word games that the entire family can enjoy. All games are concise, uncomplicated and, most of all, a lot of fun.

They are about ordinary words and things that everybody knows about so only common knowledge and a bit of resourcefulness are needed to solve them.

The games are only one of the fun features. All answers are encrypted! Each is given on the same page as the game, but is printed upside-down and backward - as in a mirror image. To ensure that they cannot be accidentally read, the answers are further obscured by using italics and a reduced size type. A mirror is needed to reveal the answers - and a special unbreakable plastic one is provided with each book

  Are You Smart, or What? is the most entertaining book of word games, ever!

It combines clever challenges and surprising answers with playful innovations to both amaze and amuse readers of all ages.

All puzzles are concise and uncomplicated.

They are about ordinary words and things that everybody knows about so the entire family can enjoy them.

  Brainteasers, Mind Benders, Games, Word Searches, Puzzlers, Mazes & More Page-A-Day Calendar 2005 (Color Page a Day Calendars)

It's like salted peanuts for the brain--in full color--a year of mind-bending ambigrams and inversions, logic and numeric puzzlers, mazes, word games, and physical puzzles (using fingers and other body parts) that are resplendently designed and challenging. Created by Scott Kim, a frequent contributor to Games magazine and puzzle columnist for Discover magazine, here are hundreds of ways to give your brain the exercise it craves. So not only will the calendar entertain the intrepid, but it will actually make you smarter, too.

  Exercises for the Whole Brain: Neuron-Builders to Stimulate and Entertain Your Visual, Math and Executive-Planning Skills (Brain Waves Books)

The most fascinating mental exercises from the New York Times internationally syndicated column "Playspace." They build brain skills in the same way physical exercise builds muscles and stamina.

60 brain-awakening exercises that strengthen connections among the mental centers that control creative-visual, executive-planning, spatial-manipulative, and logical thinking.

Each exercise was developed to stimulate a different combination of brain circuits to sharpen mental skills needed to compete professionally and to retard loss of memory and other skills as the brain ages. Yet they are almost addictively fascinating. Optional hints for each exercise make every format accessible to all levels of skill.

  Now available in a Second Edition, Games of Strategy remains the most accessible principles-level text for courses in game theory, addressing a remarkably broad range of concepts in a narrative that is both clear and compelling.

Using resonant real-world examples, the authors simplify difficult theoretic ideas, helping students see the value of strategic thinking in a variety of situations. The text has been carefully updated for this Second Edition, including thorough revisions of the sections on sequential- and simultaneous-move games and those on voting and auctioning.

This is an inviting introduction to game theory, offering students an engaging, comprehensive view of the discipline without assuming a prior knowledge of economics or complex mathematics (uses only high school algebra).

  Brain Busters! Mind-Stretching Puzzles in Math and Logic

Puzzle lovers of every persuasion, prepare to be mystified and wonderously maddened! These 51 original puzzles by Barry R. Clarke, puzzle columnist for the Daily Telegraph (UK), present challenges ranging from moderate to difficult and span a terrific range of clever conundrums : word puzzles, complex crosswords, and math and logic puzzles.
The first section, Popular Puzzles, calls for a moderate amount of effort and imagination. It features complex crosswords in which cryptic clues must be solved in sequence and the solutions fitted together on the grid. Teaser Tales, the following section, contains longer puzzles in the form of amusing stories with a series of clues that must be solved to provide a single solution at the end.

The final section represents the Mount Everest of the collection, the Advanced Puzzles. Designed to stretch the mental muscles, these puzzles are more mathematical than their predecessors, but even the most difficult ones require no greater knowledge than high school algebra. Most of the puzzles include hints, and solutions are provided for all (no peeking!).

  Pixel puzzles are fun, addictive and very challenging. They are are considered math puzzles, but as long as you can count, you'll be fine. They don't require any reading, so they're great to do while you're listening to TV or a book on tape. Nonetheless, they really work your brain. They require a logical, step-by-step approach, and are very satisfying. If you like logic problems of any type, you should definitely give these a try!

I am a true addict. I have tried every book I could find with this type of puzzle. Mind sharpening Pixel Puzzles, and Perplexing Pixel Puzzles are clearly the best. They are much more challenging than any of the other puzzle books of this type, and the pictures are more interesting. I bought them two years ago, and I was hooked. After I finished them, I tried others, but nothing else can really compare. I just ordered my second copy of each of them!

If you're generally good with challenging logic puzzles, you will love this book, and it will keep you busy for months. Most of the puzzles took a long time to complete. Some were very frustrating because they required using trial and error (in addition to logic) and a lot of erasing. They were all fun though, and it was satisfying to complete each one.

Mind sharpening Pixel Puzzles, and Perplexing Pixel Puzzles are the only ones I've seen that are spiral bound (which really helps). The pages are larger, the paper quality is excellent, and the resulting pictures are attractive. They cost less than many of the other books too! How can you beat that?

  Workout for a Balanced Brain

A fun exercise regimen for the brain's weaker hemisphere-right or left. With quick-and-easy tests readers can discern how the brain works and where it needs improvement, and then build their own personalized brain workouts using exercises and puzzles to balance their brains.

  The Everything Kids' Math Puzzles Book: Brain Teasers, Games, and Activities for Hours of Fun (Everything Kids Series)

Who knew that math could be so cool? Crammed with games, puzzles, and trivia, The Everything® Kids’ Math Puzzles Book puts the fun back into playing with numbers!

Inside, you’ll be able to:
·Decode hidden messages using Roman numerals
·Connect the dots using simple addition and subtraction
·Learn to create magic number squares
·Use division to answer musical riddles
·Match the profession to numerical license plates

If you have any fear of math—or are just tired of sitting in a classroom—The Everything® Kids’ Math Puzzles Book provides hours of entertainment. You’ll get so caught up in the activities you won’t even know you’re learning


Crossword puzzles, word games, math teasers, and the like are usually considered just amusing pastimes. In fact, many of the world's great minds have turned to puzzles and games, not just as diversions, but as means of sharpening their mental abilities. Recently, a variety of studies on the effects of aging on the mind have shown that older people who keep their minds active by doing crossword puzzles or other mentally challenging tasks are statistically far less likely to be afflicted by Alzheimer's or dementia. The evidence appears to indicate that exercising our brains is as important as exercising our bodies for health and fitness.
With this in mind, puzzle expert Terry H. Stickels has created this delightful collection of fun and challenging brainteasers. Each puzzle has been carefully chosen to help the reader train his or her mind in different areas of thinking. Individual sections test and develop spatial-visual skills, logical and analytical reasoning, divergent and convergent thinking, word power, math and scientific knowledge, trivia, and more. Whether you peek at the answers or not, Stickels demonstrates that the more you attempt to solve puzzles, of whatever kind, the better you become at tackling puzzles in all categories. As your mental flexibility improves, you become generally a better problem solver, and that highly valued skill has great application to all areas of life.

With motivational quotes from great thinkers and mind researchers, PUZZLE POWER entertains, educates, and inspires you to realize your full mental potentials.


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